Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What if....would there be a truth movement?

So today as I was sitting down, reading elements of the 9/11 commission report again (5th time for some areas of the report), I was doing some pondering, and this is the question that went through my mind...

If there was no invasion of Iraq, if the response for 9/11 was simply the invasion of Afghanistan, and nothing more (and some would say this is the case, that Iraq had nothing to do with Iraq), would there be a 9/11 truth movement now?

I think there might, but it would be a small group of paranoid zealots, as opposed to the present day larger group of paranoid zealots, wacky leftists professors, rebellious teens and college students, and many, many misled people.

So take it a step further. What if the towers remained standing that day, and subsequently WTC7 did not collapse, would there be a "truth" movement? I doubt it. I think the impetus, the catalyst if you will, for the entire movement, relies on the magnitude of the event, the horror of those skyscrapers coming down. The attacks still would have been devistating, and a response would have come...yes, but would it have been an invasion versus a surgical strike...who knows. The entire post here, of course, is speculation.

The subject is fascinating. For instance, what if the USA had won quickly in Iraq, set-up a govt, and there was no insurgency, would there have been a 9/11 movement? If so, would it have been as proliferative as it has now become (relatively speaking of course). What if only the towers were hit, no Pentagon or UA93 elements? Of course, one can only guess, only ponder, as we will never know...