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9/11 Truth - Searching For the Thread That Unravels

If the historical record of 9/11 was a blanket, then one could say the 9/11 truth movement followers spend all their time looking for that one end of thread, that when pulled, would unravel the whole thing. The trouble is, there is no such thread. They find lots of little bits, little ends of thread, but when they pull them, the bits simply come out into their hands like discarded lint.

For example, recently David Ray Griffin has been going on (once again) about how the phone (fone) calls from UA Flight 93 were faked, etc...

This has spawned conversations concerning the calls made by passenger and hero, Tom Burnett. You see in one of the calls he made, he mentioned that one of the hijackers (the same ones Griffin and others declared did not exist, or were still alive) had a gun. This little "bit" along with another bit, an American Airlines report to the FAA that someone was possibly "shot" on AA Flight 11, have sent the truthers scurrying to pull the magic thread out, hoping it is the one that will unravel the Historical 9/11 blanket...sorry, just like the rest of the bits, it will end immediately after you remove it.

Of all the dialogue from passenger to family, from attendant to officials, not ONE SINGLE other account of the hijackers having guns. Burnett's word did not say he saw a gun. The report to the FAA mentioning of someone being "shot" on AA11, once again, not backed up by one piece of corroberating evidence. All other accounts from AA11 (Ong and Sweeney conversations) mention knives and someone being mention of a gun or someone being shot.

So once again the "bits" are just that, "bits", not the magical thread.

So when you point this out to members of the truth movement, they will often reply back "yes but there are just too many coincidences", which we can translate to "there are just to many bits". Ah yes, there are many "bits" in the blanket that is the historical weave of the 9/11 attacks, but in the end, they are nothing more than the thin fragments sticking out of a complex tapestry...exposing them for what they are, anomalies as a result of the chaos and horror of the events, only makes the historical record stronger, much like touching up a suit by removing the lint.

There are many such "coincidences", many things that make your eyebrow raise a little, but in the end, my truther friends, there is no magic thread to pull and unravel the blanket.


Blogger SDC said...

OK, I'm blogging. Here is my point. On 9/11/01, the event became history (as of approx 10 am EDT). History isn't easy. Granted, when we historians screw up, 1/ no one dies, 2/ no one goes bankrupt, 3/ no one goes to prison. Our use of math is limited; really the legit stuff is just arith, not serius math. But if one is serious about history, it still isn't easy.

Thank you. This Munchausen stuff is especially interesting. Reminds me of a friend who was a US soldier during Vietnam war and marginally involved in combat; he was honest about said marginality, but he would fuss and fume about "wannabees" in the NY Times -- "If I were a real man, I would have been in combat. (Moi, I'm happy never to have had someone shooting at me. Just for the record.)

From K.McPadden to Tania Head to "I wish I'd been in combat..." There is a common thread.

12:39 PM  
Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

nice segway from my original blog post to this one.


5:27 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

So how exactly do you make a collect call from an airphone? You have to swipe your card in order to activate the phone. As you're well aware, the ability to call collect from an airphone is an integral part of the OT. Kinda strange that it's impossible, huh?

10:15 PM  
Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

what does that have to do with the OP? Are you saying this is a "bit" that leads to "inside job". If so, please, elaborate?


12:10 PM  

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